Visitor Centre of the Park of Paneveggio - Pale di San Martino

The Visitor Centres, with their permanent exhibitions, present and deepen the knowledge on the various aspects of the protected area. They are very important contexts because they assume a communicative dimension with respect to the values and the institutional purposes of the Park. The visitor can find within the individual Centres the knowledge and information necessary to enjoy the experience of nature with greater awareness.

The Visitor Centres are also the places in which the majority of the Park’s activities are carried out: the excursions have it as their starting point, here workshops and events are organised, and it is here that the Park welcomes the schools that are involved in environmental education activities.

Villa Welsperg
Home to the Park headquarters, it is surrounded by a garden where there is a wildlife pond, a small church with a rose garden, two magnificent lime trees, a plot cultivated with medicinal plants, a seed bank field and a hedge maze. In the main building, the visitor’s centre houses an exhibition where the different areas of the Park are represented. Besides, there is a videoroom, and a library with a special collection of rocks (litoteca), wood (xiloteca), fossils (fossiloteca), feathers (pteroteca), lichens (lichenoteca) and seeds (sementoteca).

On the road that climbs up from Predazzo to the Rolle Pass, just after the lake of Forte Buso, the Visitor’s Centre of “Earth-Forest” at Paneveggio is dedicated to the vast forests of Norway spruce. The forest is also known as the “Forest of Violins”due to the ideal resonant qualities of theese spruce trees that have been used since times past by master luthiers. This centre is about the animals living in the woods such as the capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) and red deer. Nearby there is an enclosed area where a group of theese deer can be observed close-up. A marked nature trail starts from the centre and along its course one can stop at observation points that display information and illustrations.

San Martino di Castrozza
The Visitor’s Centre of San Martino is small but interesting and full of information about different aspects related to rocky environment such as its climate, geology, palaeontology, and its numerous forms of life.
The Centre is surrounded by a small park; a pond with a bunker gives the opportunity to have an underwater view, and a rocky garden with local flower species enriches the visit to this Centre.

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