The Park Authority is divided into four operational areas, in addition to the general management and the administrative management. The sectors, in relation to the complexity of the functions, can be divided into individual Units. The following is the personnel assigned to each sector and unit with their respective contact details.


Vittorio Ducoli – – +39 0439 765974

Amministrative management

Fiorella Zortea – – +39 0439 765975

Human resources, accounting, secretarial and general affairs

The Sector is responsible for personnel, accounting, secretarial and general affairs. It is responsible for the publishing at the computerised register of the Authority and the shipping and sorting of mail and notification of the acts. It ensures the accounting and financial obligations as well as contractual, tax, contributory, social security and insurance obligations.

Human resources and accounting

Alessandro Burini – – +39 0439 764636 Aurora Dalla Sega – – +39 0439 764635

Secretariat, General Affairs and Protocol

Elena Vicenzi – – +39 0439 764635

Territorial technical sector

The Sector is responsible for the obligations that are preparatory to the programming and activities relating to the planning and the preliminary technical activities for the structural interventions within the competence of the Authority. It defines and coordinates the maintenance interventions, land recovery and improvement of the environment of the territory (roads, trails, parking, mountain trails). It is responsible for the interventions of construction, maintenance and periodic updating of the exhibitions and the permanent exposition of the Visitor Centres.

Territory and structures

Gino Taufer – – +39 0439 765978 Carlo Turra – – +39 0439 764638

Exhibits and infrastructure

Cristina Zorzi – – +39 0439 764637

Conservation, research and monitoring sector

The Sector promotes scientific research, according to the forecasts of the legislation establishing the Parks, and implements the activities of environmental monitoring of competence of the Park Authority. It carries out research and specific studies concerning the protected area on significant aspects for the management of the territory and deepens the knowledge of the biodiversity that is present, fundamental premise for the assumption of the targeted conservation strategies. The Sector is committed to undertaking the specific conservation measures provided for by the Park’s Plan also through the design and implementation of actions of active conservation.

Piergiovanni Partel – – +39 0439 765979 Maurizio Salvadori – – +39 0439 64854 Enrico Dorigatti – – +39 0462 576060 Gilberto Volcan – – +39 0462 576060

Public activity sector

The Sector is responsible for the programming, coordination, realisation and management concerning activities, initiatives and actions related to the Visitor centres and parking areas. It is responsible for the information to the public through the production of promotional materials as well as coordinating specific projects of cultural tourism within the general guidelines of territorial marketing.

Visitor Centres and promotion

Roberto Vinante – – +39 0439 765976 Mauro Cecco – – +39 0439 764639

Education and exhibitions

It is responsible for the initiatives and interventions concerning the organisation and management of Environmental Education proposals. It defines the content on the educational level and the programmes contained in the PARK SCHOOL Project, with which it addresses the educational world by offering multiple routes of environmental education designed to meet the most diverse requirements dictated by the age, time available, and type of school. It is also responsible for the preparation of exhibitions and other educational and information tools.

Elena Luise – – +39 0439 764640 Lucia Bertagnin – – +39 0439 765977

Federica De Luca – – +39 0462 576283 Andrea Guazzeroni – +39 0439 765973

Press and communications office

The Office is committed to implementing the principles laid down in the regulations applicable to Public Communication, which attributes to this particular institutional activity a strategic function within the Authorities. It is responsible for the relations with the media and promotes programmes and initiatives of institutional and environmental information. In particular, it collaborates in the implementation of the institutional website of the Authority, updating the news and coordinating the magazine “Tu ed il Parco”.

Walter Taufer – – +39 0439 64854

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